CEIVA’s New Digital Frame Wades into the Windows Media Server Photo Stream

Ceiva Pro80The digital picture frame designers at CEIVA have tapped into the fact that more and more photos are being stored on home computers.  The new CEIVA Pro80 frame has been designed for easy access directly to an entire photo collection kept there. A clever new feature included in CEIVA’s newest frame is its built-in connectivity that allows photo streaming from Windows Media Server back to it.

Like all other CEIVA frames, the Pro 80 ingeniously connects to the internet to allow friends and family across the world to share their pictures by sending them directly into it. This exclusive internet connection is one of services that are bundled within the CEIVA Picture Plan. One year of the CEIVA Picture Plan is included FREE with every CEIVA Pro80.

The CEIVA Pro 80 features a high resolution 8-inch active matrix digital LCD screen, 640 x 480 display resolution, standard memory card readers, WiFi adapter, interchangeable face plates and CEIVA’s Perfect True-to-Photo display that puts an end to photo stretching, cropping or squishing. Internet connectivity is via WiFi or traditional phone line.

The soon to be released (release date 8/10/09) CEIVA Pro 80 has a list price of $179.99.

Dealing With a Little Frame Of Horrors?

Digital Frame Of HorrorsThey seem simple, they seem easy, they seem innocent enough. But many digital frame owners, who have bought and/or gifted typical “card reader” type frames are finding out that, like that beast of a plant in the Little Shop of Horrors, typical digital frames can become hungry creatures with demanding and hard to manage appetites.

Digital cameras have grown to be a much bigger part of all our lives than traditional film cameras ever were. Because this is so, owning and/or giving a digital frame to display the best pictures of our lives has become quite enticing. However, not knowing what to expect or need in digital frame has resulted in consumers often buying low functioning frames. How user friendly the frame is when it comes to selecting, editing and moving your favored pictures from a camera and into a frame, is rarely considered… especially when a buyer is dazzled with a super low price.

Without a doubt cameras make it so easy and convenient to generate pictures… a digital frame’s “food.” But, until you own a digital frame that regurgitates the same batch of old pictures over and over and over again, will you understand just how “hungry” a frame can get. What makes the hunger pains worse is the fact that you know you have a camera card or hard drive full of fresh pictures waiting to be fed into your digital frame(s).

If you are responsible for feeding pictures to multiple frames then the process becomes even more horrific. All the time and effort it took to feed your first frame must now be duplicated on the second frame. If that second frame has been given as a gift, typically to less tech savvy parents or grandparents, then feeding the second frame can be even more of a nightmare… especially if the frame is located away from your home  or a computer.

So while digital camera technology makes it easy to snap up the moments of our life, and snap we do, getting pictures to the frame(s) so that we can display and share those moments takes time and effort. Having one tool that allows you to easily (1) weed out, (2) edit/personalize (3) organize and (4) move pictures onto one or multiple frames are features and services not typically bundled with digital frames of today.  Except for one… CEIVA.

CEIVA provides their frame owners with one comprehensive tool to feed and care for all their digital frame’s picture display and sharing needs. Our frames, with our award winning Picture Plan, allow you to select, upload, safely store, edit/personalize, and send your treasured pictures directly into the hungry frames you manage and also share your pictures to the hungry frames owned by friends and family… even Grandma’s.

With CEIVA frames you can tame the framed digital beast and never hear the dreaded “Feed me Some-more!

So until the next post… that’s what CeivaJoe knows!


Picasa… NOW Fortified with CEIVA Sender


Digital cameras have made taking pictures a simple task. If your camera has a battery charge and enough space on its memory chip, then all you need to do is point and shoot.  CLICK CLICK CLICK… shoot now and deal with the picture file later.

But even though you can click a ton of pictures, your camera memory card can only hold so many picture files. At some point you need to move the pictures off your camera and on to your computer for safer storage. Once your pictures are over on a computer you often discover that not every picture was as good as you would like it. No worry, thanks to photo editing software like Google’s popular Picasa 3.0.

For those of you who don’t know, Picasa is an amazing and free (yes 100% FREE!) photo editing & organizing software that puts a powerful and easy tool into the amateur photographer’s hands. With Picasa you can do editing “basics” like the pros, including: crop, remove red eye, control brightness, add text and more! Plus there are a bunch of fun special effects too. Did I mention how EASY it is?

So how could such a cool editing tool be improved?  Simple, create a bridge from it right into a digital picture frame… and CEIVA has done just that. CEIVA has made it easy to have your photos, organized and edited in Picasa, to be moved right out of it and directly into your CEIVA frames and albums with its new CEIVA Sender for Picasa.

CEIVA is committed to make the “from camera to digital frame” digital picture process effortless. The CEIVA Sender for Picasa is the latest application developed exclusively for CEIVA digital frame owners. Other applications created for these unique state of the art digital photo frames include: CEIVA Sender for Face Book and CEIVA SNAP app for the iPhone.

To get your own free CEIVA Sender for Picasa download Picasa 3 first from here and then add CEIVA Sender plug-in from here to it. It’s that easy. Finally you can to CLICK CLICK CLICK, EDIT EDIT EDIT, and SEND SEND SEND using Picasa 3 fortified with CEIVA Sender.

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The Momarazzi Loves Us, Teenagers Not So Much.

momwithcam1It is that time of year when kids all across the nation are feeling a lot like Britney Spears.  Like Britney they are being stalked by a relentless horde of camera welding fanatics. Unlike Britney’s bothersome band of followers, this picture taking faction is known as the “Momarazzi.”

What is a Momarazzi? Well, they are extremely determined paparazzi that often drive mini vans and typically have given birth to their subject matter.

If you are the teenager of a Momarazzi, be warned, there is no better photo snapping season than the spring.  Your sporting events, proms and graduations provide her with plenty of opportunity to take your picture over and over and over again.

How do I know all this? Well I recently received an email from a Momarazzi brazenly sharing her story. She writes: “My daughter went to her senior prom this weekend.  And, as I am a BIG fan of CEIVA, I sent the pre-prom pictures to everyone’s CEIVA as my network is about 20 strong.  Parents were invited only to the pre-prom party.  The kids could not make a move without a barrage of Moms snapping photos.  It was quite the scene which now is showcased on CEIVAS from coast to coast! “

You might be surprised to know that there was once a time when there were no Momarazzis. You see in the “olden days” Moms didn’t carry cameras with them everywhere they went; and if and when they did snap a photo or two, its distribution was expensive and slow.

But all that changed for Moms when digital cameras and CEIVA digital frames came along. Digital cameras made it free and easy to take your picture. CEIVA provided an “overnight distribution network” direct to an audience hungering for pictures of you…. your grandparents and relatives! Easy distribution was the final factor that turned your Mom into a Momarazzi.  Swift access to a family of digital picture frames gives her the drive, motivation and purpose she needs.

What can you do to stop the Momarazzi? I hate to say this, but except for smiling there is not much that you can do. You might as well face the fact that as long as you are under her roof, you are also within her focal range.

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SECRETS REVEALED! What Consumers Really Want in Digital Photo Frames

crystal-ceivaRecently I was reading a blog where the author thought that it was almost magical how quickly digital photo frames have risen in popularity… which made me chuckle. What might seem to be an overnight sensation, I assure you, has been a long 9+ years of steady growth since CEIVA first introduced the digital picture frame to the world. Now our “crystal ball” which has served us well, reveals a secret as to just what will make digital frames even more popular with consumers in the future.

To foresee the future, it will help to look back at the past.

When digital cameras first hit the market they were interesting new novelties.  But soon digital camera owners began to realize that with each “click” there was a free picture that could be kept, or deleted. Gone were the days where one would have to wait and pay to see if the picture was a good one.  “Free” pictures made it easy for the digital camera to rise in popularity over the traditional film camera. However, while more pictures were being taken, most were not being seen. Pictures were and still are just stored away on a computer as data files.

Then a little while later… abracadabra! cell phones with built-in cameras appeared. These types of digital cameras added to the ease and opportunity for picture taking. Finally, it seemed as if everyone was taking digital photos with more and more wanting quick, convenient and inexpensive way to display them.

During the rise of the digital camera, we here at CEIVA were producing our magical digital photo frames that revolutionized and defined the industry. In fact, for many years after we first introduce our frames, we pretty much were the ONLY company manufacturing them.

But those days are over. Now it seems, with each new day, a new digital frame magically appears in the market; while “POOF” another frame manufacturer goes out of business, but not before offering their frame at “bargain” super discounted price.

All this hocus pocus makes for a tough market. To remain competitive, and snag any share of the market, manufacturers crank out all sorts of cheap mini gadget “monitors.”  In the rush to get anything that will display an image they miss that first and foremost what they are producing is a picture frame… that happens to be digital.  They focus more on the techno gadget and never consider what pictures mean to the people taking them.

Right from the start, CEIVA has never lost sight of what pictures meant to people. Pictures, be they paper or digital, are moments of our lives that we want to show and share. Showing our photos in a traditional frame has always been easy. Sharing, unless you had extra prints made, was a bit more difficult. That is where our crystal ball comes in.

From the beginning we here at CEIVA saw only a digital future that allowed for both showing AND sharing.  And while most digital frame manufactures still only consider the showing side of pictures, CEIVA saw that technology could also transform the way we shared our pictures. Frames, for the first time could, be that gateway technology that allowed for sharing. So from the start we “built in” a functionality that makes our frames different from all others… that functionality is the ability to SHARE pictures from frame to frame, no matter WHERE the frames are located.

So if you were looking for a quality frame that shows and SHARES your cherished photo, then your future looks bright with a CEIVA.

So until the next post… that’s what CeivaJoe knows!