SECRETS REVEALED! What Consumers Really Want in Digital Photo Frames

crystal-ceivaRecently I was reading a blog where the author thought that it was almost magical how quickly digital photo frames have risen in popularity… which made me chuckle. What might seem to be an overnight sensation, I assure you, has been a long 9+ years of steady growth since CEIVA first introduced the digital picture frame to the world. Now our “crystal ball” which has served us well, reveals a secret as to just what will make digital frames even more popular with consumers in the future.

To foresee the future, it will help to look back at the past.

When digital cameras first hit the market they were interesting new novelties.  But soon digital camera owners began to realize that with each “click” there was a free picture that could be kept, or deleted. Gone were the days where one would have to wait and pay to see if the picture was a good one.  “Free” pictures made it easy for the digital camera to rise in popularity over the traditional film camera. However, while more pictures were being taken, most were not being seen. Pictures were and still are just stored away on a computer as data files.

Then a little while later… abracadabra! cell phones with built-in cameras appeared. These types of digital cameras added to the ease and opportunity for picture taking. Finally, it seemed as if everyone was taking digital photos with more and more wanting quick, convenient and inexpensive way to display them.

During the rise of the digital camera, we here at CEIVA were producing our magical digital photo frames that revolutionized and defined the industry. In fact, for many years after we first introduce our frames, we pretty much were the ONLY company manufacturing them.

But those days are over. Now it seems, with each new day, a new digital frame magically appears in the market; while “POOF” another frame manufacturer goes out of business, but not before offering their frame at “bargain” super discounted price.

All this hocus pocus makes for a tough market. To remain competitive, and snag any share of the market, manufacturers crank out all sorts of cheap mini gadget “monitors.”  In the rush to get anything that will display an image they miss that first and foremost what they are producing is a picture frame… that happens to be digital.  They focus more on the techno gadget and never consider what pictures mean to the people taking them.

Right from the start, CEIVA has never lost sight of what pictures meant to people. Pictures, be they paper or digital, are moments of our lives that we want to show and share. Showing our photos in a traditional frame has always been easy. Sharing, unless you had extra prints made, was a bit more difficult. That is where our crystal ball comes in.

From the beginning we here at CEIVA saw only a digital future that allowed for both showing AND sharing.  And while most digital frame manufactures still only consider the showing side of pictures, CEIVA saw that technology could also transform the way we shared our pictures. Frames, for the first time could, be that gateway technology that allowed for sharing. So from the start we “built in” a functionality that makes our frames different from all others… that functionality is the ability to SHARE pictures from frame to frame, no matter WHERE the frames are located.

So if you were looking for a quality frame that shows and SHARES your cherished photo, then your future looks bright with a CEIVA.

So until the next post… that’s what CeivaJoe knows!


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