Fingerprints on Your Frame…Shame on You

These days there’s a lot of talk about digital frames with touch-screen menus.

Fingerprints on your favorite photos is no way to enjoy them

Here’s the one fundamental problem with touch-screen frames: They’re a lot like stainless steel appliances — they seem great until you realize they show every fingerprint. With a touch-screen frame, you’ll touch the display over and over again in order to use the menu, which means you’ll have dozens of fingerprints on your frame.

Would you put your fingerprints all over the surface of a printed photo? Of course not and for good reason—it wrecks the photo and your ability to enjoy it. You would hold a photo from the edges to keep it smudge-free. So if you’ve got a digital frame with a touch-screen menu and you want to enjoy your photos free of fingerprints, you’ll have to clean the display all the time. We think that’s a big hassle.

We also understand that over time some touch-screens lose sensitivity to your touch, making it more and more and difficult to navigate. That’s why we offer either easy-to-use remote controls or on-frame buttons that won’t put messy fingerprints all over your pictures.

So until the next post… that’s what CeivaJoe knows!


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